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  • 01789 491395
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Art for large wall-The Sculpture Room

Abstract designs are popular for large artwork for wall because they add a touch of modernity and color to a big wall space without overpowering it with too much detail. Look for a large abstract wall art that has simple elements that complement the home's decor while making a subtle statement.

Multi-Panel Artwork Multi-panel large art is another great way to fill large wall spaces in any home.We also create extra large metal wall art made in the UK.



Introduce personality and life into any room with this stunning large contemporary wall art measuring at 195cm x 80cm.

Give your home a dramatic makeover with Mobius! Our large artworks, sized at 170 x 70cm, are perfect for making a statement on any wall.

Want to add an artistic touch of style to a room? This striking catalana large wall art metal piece is the perfect way to do so. Get the 177 x 92cm panel and admire its top-notch quality and elegant design.

Most of our metal wall art designs can be scaled up , so if you see another design you would like enlarged please contact us ,if you are unsure we can help work out the size using our cad system.


Make a bold statement with this stunning large artwork! Measuring 192 x 70 cm, Neptune provides a dramatic backdrop to any room.

Discover the perfect perspective with this tremendous 197x68cm artwork! Crafted to ensure maximum impact in any environment, this piece is ideal for those looking to add a dramatic statement.

Upgrade any room with this stunning wall art piece. The large circle centre design measuring 130 x 75cm ,extra circles can be added to make focal point of any living space.


Bring life to any room with this stunning art collection created for large walls. Enhance your home décor and enjoy the lazy days!

Two Sizes Available - 170 x 68 cm and 120 x 51 cm - Colors are Customizable at no extra cost.

Get your walls ready for a splash of color and discover psychedelic art to fill any size space. Find your perfect large artwork today!

145cm x 62cm

Chromatic circles cascade.

Size 172 x 77cm

Swirl Design Size 170 x 46cm

We create this design in a variety of colours or metallics.


Size 180 x 70cm

Size 177 x 6cm