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  • 01789 491395
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  • 14 working day delivery

Metal wall artists UK

Our commissions are works of metal wall art , art for large wall created to meet the individual needs of each client.

Every artwork is crafted with human hands and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence, Whether it's

sculptures garden, mobile sculpture, large garden metal sculptures, outdoor sculpture,unusual metal wall art or a large public art piece, no detail or feature has gone by unnoticed in our custom-commission process.

Features: - Crafted in unique shapes and sizes - Created with high quality materials - Expertly designed for maximum visual appeal Benefits: - Capture a specific moment in time for your audience - Create the perfect piece of metal artwork for home or office decor - Inspire your environment through one-of-a kind artwork.

Large unique metal ceiling sculpture

Mobile ceiling sculpture -Harborne Kitchen


Granade sculpture commssioned by Love My Garden.

Love My Garden


window commssion for Jitrois London



Mobile sculptures

Outdoor metal art for walls

Commercial artwork

large outdoor 6ft stainless steel tree sculpture set in a school garden,featuring bronze copper shimmering metallic leaves.
stunning fish wall art sculpture! This eye-catching piece features a large cluster of shimmering, aqua blue fish set on a pool room wall,the reflective surface of the sculpture creates exquisite visual interest.
freestanding stainless steel outdoor modern sculpture,lots of strips of metal swirling twisted in shiny polished metal,mounted on a black pyramid stand.

Garden metal sculptures

Fish wall art

Sculptures for gardens uk

Sculptures for loved ones.

Sculpture garden

Large garden sculptures

Energy garden Sculpture

Tree sculpture