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Large Interior Art Mobius

Product no.: 202017

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Mobius is a three-dimensional metal sculpture that adheres to laws of Greek geometry.

A Mobius strip is formed from a single strip of metal which has been twisted it's top and bottom surfaces making it go on forever.

Mobius Metal art for walls is a twist on traditional wall art. Using twisted metal strips welded together form a wall sculpture that is anything but ordinary.

Our artists then coat the entire structure with chrome or metallic silver, keeping its unique spiral shape while creating an eye-catching center piece sure to draw attention in any room.

This unique artwork will bring a whole new dimension to your home! Features: - Twisted metal strips welded together into Mobius shapes - Finished with chrome/metallic silver coating for added shine and texture - Easy to mount and securely affixed.

Benefits: - Classy and modern look for your home décor - Eye catching centerpiece that draws attention - Unusual yet elegant design suitable for any space

Choice of Chrome style finish or Metallic Silver.

Or add a colour at no extra cost.

Hand-crafted -every design is slightly unique.

Size 1700mm x 700mm

Due to the size of the sculpture postage is £40.00

USA customers -we make the design in 2 sections that overlap to save on postage cost.