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  • 01789 491395
  • sculptureroom@outlook.com
  • 14 working day delivery

Step into a world of creativity and innovation as you enter the captivating realm of Abstract wall art.

Images of designs custom size and colour.

We have a extensive database of abstract designs ,Here are just a few.

The Art of Minimalist Decor: Simplifying Your Space for Maximum Impact.

Catalana large abstract wall sculpture

Neptune Design in Custom Size/ Colour.

The design was made allot smaller for the customer ,incorporating colours from curtains.

Firstly the design is primed , we then use arcylic spray paint as a base colour.

Textures, patterns and details are added ,finally a coat of protective lacquer to give the design added shine.

Customer wanted to add a focal point to a recess and chose the Entwine sculpture.

Picasso Style design

Here we created a very unusual large picasso style wall art, the customer firstly liked the style of the static design we decided to adapt it.

Mobius Design

Extremely popluar design,which we have made in many different sizes for customers.

Psychedelic Design made slightly smaller.

Urban Design Custom size and Colour.

Capella Design created in a beautiful vibrant Yellow.

Our Orbit design is very popular with our customers- We have made this in many different colour combinations.