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wall art Neptune

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Neptune metal wall sculpture

Huge Planetary Metal Wall Art 3d cosmic wall decor.

This huge 3d planets and moons aqua blue wall decor is hand made in a wide variety of metals and textures.

Featured design: Neutron Spiral, Silver Moon textured planets.

This piece is designed to hang next to each other on the wall for a huge continuous design.

The metal circles spirals, moons come out from the center of the circle making this a truly a innovative design.Bright Blue, Aqua and Silver.

The Neptune Wall Art is a stunningly unique metal wall sculpture featuring a beautifully detailed universe with an array of planets and moons.

Handmade using a variety of metals and textures, the piece is designed with individual metal circles that spiral out from the centre to form gorgeous swirling planets and moons in silver, aqua and blue.

Measuring 1922mm x 699mm, this huge 3D artwork will be sure to make a statement on any wall for years to come!

Features: - Handmade with a variety of metals and textures - Features intricate detailing of planets, moons and spirals - Custom Colours available at no additional cost - Size 1922 x 699mm.

Benefits: - Unique wall art sure to bring life to any room in your house - High quality product and intricate design ensures many years of enjoyment - Customised colour design allows you to perfectly match existing home decor

Custom Colours available at no additional cost.Send us your samples and we will put a colour palette together for you.

  • We also send images of the finished design.
  • Size 1922mm x 699mm.
  • Textured 3D Art.
  • Handcrafted to the highest standard ,we use quality material includes Mirror finish Stainless Steel to add some reflection.
  • Please see image for dimensional drawing.
  • Available in smaller size Pleaae see other listings.