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Wall Art Cresting Wave

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Add a touch of glamour with this reflective metal wall art-nautical art.

'Cresting Wave' Coastal Wall Art

Product Description: Cresting Wave is a unique wall art made from aluminium, it creates a beautiful ripple effect which gives the impression of waves crashing onto the shore. The aluminium has a stunning textured finish ,so creates a beautiful textured reflective finish especially in surrounding light.

This metal wall art has added pebble textures relief work which makes this piece stand out and ideal for any coastal or beach themed rooms. This piece comes with custom colours at no additional cost.

The wall art
is designed to sit 4cm off the wall, creating a floating effect like an ocean wave.

The high quality metal
wall art captures the waves of the sea in stunning detail, perfect for those looking to create a relaxed setting.

Features: - Made from Aluminium - Ripple Effect finish - Pebble Textures Relief Work - Customizable Colours Benefits: - A beautiful and unique piece of metal wall art - Capturing an element of natural beauty in any space - Offers stunning texture and reflective shine when placed near light sources.

We can make the design in custom colours at no additional cost.

Floating Panel -the artwork sits off the wall 4 cm.

Available in a set of three wall panels or one large piece.

Size -Panel L100 x H45 x D4cm

Set of Three size - 3 x L34 x H45 D4cm

Brackets attached to rear.