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sun wall art metal

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metal wall art


Instantly upgrade the style of your wall with our handcrafted sunburst design.

This unique decorative piece is perfect for adding a splash of colour and texture to any entryway, living room, hallway, or office. Featuring a 30” diameter in rustic colors with coppers, golds and metallics, it will bring an eye-catching element to your home décor.

The Sunburst is perfect for creating a warm and luxurious atmosphere.

Features: - Handcrafted metal wall art - Unique rustic colours - Beautiful combination of coppers, golds and metallics - Easy to install Benefits: - Instantly upgrades architectural elements of any space - Creates an eye-catching visual display for both casual and formal decor styles - Ideal for adding texture and a warm colour palette to walls

Size 32" Diameter

Colours Bronze,Gold ,Copper and Stainless Steel Silver artwork.

Or choose your own colours.

Create custom artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Choose any design and w e will create it in your desired colour scheme at no extra cost! We take 14 working days to create art works, and will send you images when the design is finished. Before applying a protective coating, w e make sure that you are totally happy with how your artwork looks.

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