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Silver wall art-Infinite

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Silver Wall Art for Your Home

Infinite wall art Indoor/Outdoor

Infinite is a unique, mesmerizing Silver wall art piece that captures and amplifies light as it shifts across its origins of shiny stainless solid 8mm thick rings and graphite grey moons spheres.

A seemingly endless cycle of overlapping circles creates an infinite pattern, mirrored throughout mirror and textured surfaces.

Through its eye-catching design and sophisticated silhouette, our silver large circles wall art will add modern elegance to your favourite space.

Features: - Made from high quality polished stainless steel with graphite grey moonspheres - Unique shape with a minimalist, mesmerizing style - Resistant to rust, UV rays, water & weather conditions for indoor/outdoor usage Benefits: - Instantly upgrade any room settings with an avant garde touch and create the desired atmosphere in any space - Visually tie together your favourite wall accents and home furnishings using this versatile wall art piece - Casually enjoy hours of indoor/outdoor entertainments while admiring its reflective symbolisms.

A stunning 3D Sculpture

Material Stainless Steel Incorporates mirror finish,textured reflective metal ,this is truly stunning unique piece of art which would be a focal point in any room.

Size Approx 70cm diamteter.

The wall sculpture can also be made on a larger scale.