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metallic fish wall art

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Shine Bright with Metallic Fish Wall Art

Suitable for bathroom area or outdoor.

A beautiful metallic wall art fish sculpture comprising of welded overlapping angel fish finished off with a stainless steel ripple effect wave frame.

Each one of the angelfish are hand welded and painted in either a reflective transparent paint for use indoors or opaque for outdoor use. The shades of Green ,aqua blue and turquoise make this a gorgeous piece that will bring life to any wall you hang it on!

Features: - High-quality stainless steel materials - Welded overlapping angel fish - Textured ripple effect wave frame - Reflective Transparent Paint (Indoor) - Opaque Paint (Outdoor)

Benefits: - Uniquely Handcrafted and made to high standards for lasting durability - Easily cleanable surface with non scratch protective coating - Prefect decorative piece for your home, office or garden - Instantly adds life and vibrancy to your walls.

Material Stainless Steel- 304 grade.

3 Sizes to choose

Design 1 size 120cm x 50cm. £389.99

Design 2 size 160 x 40cm. £489.99

Design 3 Size 160cm x 40cm with 7 extra separate fish. £589.99

4 Colours

Natural Stainless Steel polished with a textures wavy rippled frame.

Aqua Blue - Created in a combination of Blue,turquoise, Aqua.

Aqua Blue Purple.

Aqua Blue Green.


The frame has two holes either side for easy hanging we provide Chrome screw cover mirror caps.

Option to purchase extra fish with the design - small circles are welded to the rear for easy hanging you can hang on small screws, tack nails depending on type of wall.