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Metal wall sculpture Swirl

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Metal wall sculpture 'Swirl' best selling art 2022

Metallic Silver or chrome style unique wall sculpture.

Swirl is a uniquely designed wall sculpture made from curved and interwoven metal shapes. It looks great with any décor style and adds an extra dimension to any room.

This modern piece of art has been crafted with carefully selected material .

The intuitive design is easy to install with only two small screws.

Features: - Made of silver-plated steel, aluminum, and stainless steel - Gentle curves for a subtle 3D effect - Includes two holes for fastening to wall - Easy installation - only require two screws Benefits: - Stunning artwork that makes any room look more stylish - Versatile design that works in many different types of décor - Low maintenance - no special cleaning or polishing required

Size 90cm x 50cm

Chrome style finish-please state on order.

This really popular swirl metal wall art design look great in any modern space.

Add 2 together to make a really big piece of stunning artwork.

small circles are welded onto the back of the design for easy hanging .