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Metal wall art Sun

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Original Metal sun wall art by The Sculpture Room

Indoor Outdoor

The sun sculpture is the perfect combination of polished stainless steel and ripple textured aluminium.

Layered in three dimensional shapes, this eye-catching piece will definitely be the showstopper of your living space or yard. It's an ideal way to decorate indoors or outdoors and will bring a unique touch to any environment.

Perfect as a focal point, it radiates energy and vibrancy with its reflective surfaces.

Features: - Polished shiny stainless steel mixed with ripple textured aluminum - Three dimensional layered shapes - Can be used indoors or outdoors Benefits: - Can serve as a focal point in any room or garden area - Reflects light and adds vibrancy and energy to any space - Unique design that cannot be found elsewhere

Size 70cm Diameter x Depth 20cm

Keyhole brackets welded to the rear for easy hanging

A protective finish is added to the Aluminium and a keyhole bracket is attached at the rear for easy hanging.

Also available in Bronze Silver see bottom page.

Example below of customers Image courtesy of Janet and Ian.

Hello Sharon,

I do not have words to express how "FANTASTIC" this sculpture is in our house, it is "STUNNING".

Thank you for all you have done for us.

Very Kind Regards
Janet and Ian

An example of a really large Sun design It was perfect in this space.

Thanks to Will for sending us this beautiful image.