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Metal wall art red-Connection

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Stunning modern wall art Red


Connection is a very unique three dimensional wall sculpture, made from painted steel and stainless steel. Its curved shapes and colours create beautiful contrast, creating a stunning piece of art that can be enjoyed in many different settings. Features: - Unique, three-dimensional design - Red and black painted steel curves - Three stainless steel polished curves protruding out from back of design - Customizable colours available Benefits: - Refined beauty that adapts to any space - Provides thoughtful visual contrast to modern decor - Handcrafted artwork carries timeless appeal.

Colours Black,Red and Silver with relief detail.

Size Length H62 x W50cm x D5cm.

Create custom artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Choose any design and w e will create it in your desired colour scheme at no extra cost! We take 14 working days to create art works, and will send you images when the design is finished. Before applying a protective coating, w e make sure that you are totally happy with how your artwork looks.

This design been made in various sizes for customers.

Please e mail us for details.

This Sculpture featured in one of Lawrence Llewelyn Bowens collection's.