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metal wall art Dazzle

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Stunning reflective metallic textured metal wall art.

The Dazzle Decorative Wall Art Panel is a stunning piece of art that will add a touch of luxe and opulence to any interior space.

This unique panel is more than just an ordinary wall decor because it creates dazzling reflections that will captivate the eyes of anyone who sees it.

The ripple effect technique in the texture forms corners that add depth to the art panel, making it look like a dimensional masterpiece from every angle.

Features: - Made from high-quality aluminum for long-lasting durability - Textured ripple effect technique creates a unique visual appeal - Painted with metallic colors such as copper, bronze, gold, and silver for an elegant finish - 1.5 cm depth provides extra dimension to the design.

Benefits: - Adds a piece of artwork that doubles as an expression of your style and sophistication - Creates reflective surfaces that enhance artificial light sources and can transform any room into a visually stunning space - Easy to install on walls or other flat surfaces - Unique handmade craftsmanship means no two pieces are exactly alike, making your wall art even more special

Size L130cm x W40cm.

Decorative wall panels.

Medium -Aluminium 3mm thick textured ripple effect.