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Chrome Sculpture Mobius

Product no.: 202022

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Mobius is a three-dimensional metal sculpture that adheres to laws of Greek geometry.

A Mobius strip is formed from a single strip of metal which has been twisted it's top and bottom surfaces making it go on forever.

This is one of our popular designs, a very unique Sculpture.

Great with minimalistic decor.

Bring some unexpected style to any room with this mobius metal wall art!

Twisted strips of metal are fused together in an endless wrap creating a striking and eye-catching sculpture.

The piece is coated in chrome or metallic silver for an added touch of modern glamor. Perfect for bringing texture and uniqueness to any living space - the Mobius metal wall art is sure to draw the attention of guests and provide conversation pieces for years to come.

Features: - Handcrafted from sturdy steel - Coated in chrome or metallic silver - Strips form a Mobius loop shape - Adds visual interest, texture, character Benefits: - Makes a stunning statement piece on any wall - Lasting quality construction built to last over time - Sleek design complements contemporary decorating styles

Available 14 working days.
Chrome style finish of Metallic Silver.
Please state on order which finish ,we will also e mail to double check.
Size 1250mm x 500mm
we also make a smaller version of this design ,please see below.
Small circles are hidden/welded to the rear for easy hanging.
Smaller design Please click on image below for size.