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Bronze wall art Orbit

Product no.: 202044

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A stunning large Bronze Silver metal wall art.

Create a focal point with this dramatic art.

Our Orbit Wall Art Sculpture is the perfect addition to any wall. It's a beautiful arrangement of circular and oval silver pieces with a gold planet at the center, all set on a textured ripple effect oval in shiny polished stainless steel – making it an eye-catching and decadent piece of art.

The planets are painted in three shade options of bronze, silver, or gold, and their velvety finish gives this piece its unique charm.

This is not available anywhere else – it’s a limited edition item so you can be sure your one-of-a-kind wall art will stay head turning for years to come!

Features: - Unique planetary design - Variety of colour options - Polished stainless steel outer edge - Pickled veneer effect textured with specialized paint finish.

Benefits: - One of a kind statement piece - handmade with passionate craftsmanship - The high quality materials ensure that the art will last for years to come - Can enhance the look of any room - modern, minimalistic or traditional

Colours Bronze Gold.

Size 1135mm x 454mm

Also available In a variety of colours please see othe listings.