Outdoor sculptures

Stainless Steel Garden sculptures .



Due to the size of the freestanding sculptures we use our own delivery company, to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Please send us your postcode before ordering so we can get you a competitive quote for delivery.

All of our Garden sculptures can be made in most sizes, Different patina's can be applied if you require a Bronze or coloured effect.

Most of our sculptures in the other collections can be made in Stainless Steel for outdoors and pool areas, if you would like more information please send us an enquiry.

Our freestanding sculptures take 21 working days.





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Garden Tree sculpture Stainless Steel

Product no.: 2017006

Large Outdoor Sculpture 

This design was inspired by my love of the garden, I wanted to incorporate rich rust organic colour along with shinny textured Stainless Steel which catches the light beautifully.

The design is handcrafted, signed and dated.


can be shipped within 21 days

garden sculpture moon

Product no.: 2366541

Outdoor sculpture -Throw down the Gauntlet

Product no.: 678

Outdoor wall sculpture

Size 1400mm 100mm



can be shipped within 21 days

Unique Sculpture Cats-tails

Product no.: 326988

can be shipped within 21 working days

Outdoor sculpture

Product no.: 112355

Large garden sculpture Ferns

Product no.: 32699811

Garden Sculpture Wave

Product no.: 65997

Sculpture Tranquil

Product no.: 1256444

garden sculpture swallows

Product no.: 2156

Outdoor sculpture Flight

Product no.: 32699

outdoor sculpture garden

Product no.: 23659888

sculpture outdoor garden

Product no.: 2365777

Sculpture Circle Tree

Product no.: 32698

Pool sculpture

Product no.: 23648111

Tree Outdoor sculpture

Product no.: 11257

Large outdoor Indoor sculpture Entwine

Product no.: 638

Large indoor outdoor Stainless Steel sculpture.



can be shipped within 21 days

feature wall sun sculpture

Product no.: 3269977714

Tree Sculpture Stainless Steel

Product no.: 11256

Metal wall art Sun

Product no.: 202025





Large Garden sculpture Energy

Product no.: 968

Large Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture



can be shipped within 21 days

Large fish sculpture

Product no.: 601

Amazing Large Shoal


can be shipped within 21 days

Large Garden sculpture Dancers

Product no.: 958

Large organic rust and stainless steel abstract sculpture.

signed by Artist Sharon Dawkins.


can be shipped within 21 days

garden sculpture Balls

Product no.: 36597741

Sculpture pool

Product no.: 365971118

modern sculpture indoor

Product no.: 236911

Sculpture Tree Stainless Steel

Product no.: 12369

Sculpture Lunar outdoor

Product no.: 326999