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wall art fish

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Add an element of nature to your home with our exquisite wall art fish

The handcrafted angelfish is a unique piece of art that adds character to any living space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Each fish is made from stainless steel and beautifully welded onto a textured ripple effect wavy frame.

Outdoor designs are painted and topcoated with a protection layer to ensure longevity in various weather conditions. The blue aqua transparent ink paint on the stainless steel reflects the light, offering an eye-catching decorative pop.

This one-of-a-kind piece of art is customizable, allowing you to choose your own color scheme for a personal touch. Whether displayed as stand-alone decor or incorporated into an existing theme, this handcrafted angelfish brings life to any environment. The reflective surface adds dimensionality and captures attention from every angle. Add this unique artwork to your space and enjoy its beauty for years to come!

For outdoor use, the piece is painted with a weatherproof opaque paint and a protective coating to ensure it stands strong against the elements. You can even customize your own unique color scheme upon request at no extra cost!

W120 x H50cm D 4cm

We offer 3 different sizes of the Angelfish sculpture, please see bottom page for other listings.

Design 1 size 120cm x 50cm.

Design 2 size 160 x 40cm.

Design 3 Size 160cm x 40cm with 8 extra separate fish.