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wall art Electric Dream

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Wall Art Metal- Electric Dream

Delve into this unique piece of art.

Picasso style artsy wall metal art would definitely add a focal point to any modern minimalistic decor.

Electric Dream is an electric masterpiece crafted in metal that suggests the mysteriousness of love and dreams.

The large artwork captures this intangible emotion with a creative interplay of random curved wire, welded together along with an overlay of spirals, curves, faces, locks of hair, and other abstract designs.

It looks like a maelstrom of energy and emotion unleashed onto the wall.

What will you see?

With its intricate details and balanced design elements that evoke surrealism at its best, it is sure to be the star centrepiece of your living area!

Features: - Crafted from metal with a black platform base - Intricate details with overalapping patterns meticulously crafted - Interplay of spirals, curves and abstract designs in shades of blue Benefits: - Uniquely styled artwork embodies passion and emotion - A great way to express abstraction as a wall art feature - A one-of-a kind piece that draws subtle attention due to its balanced composition

Option to have this mounted onto a Glossy white or Silver ripple textured metal panel, or any colour, we can create a custom style piece, Please contact us.

Size 170cm x 50cm

The design is made in 2 sections that overlap to create a really large piece of abstract art.

Material- Metal bar of different thickness welded together to make this unique piece of art.

Not available on any highstreet, exclusive to The Sculpture Room.

All our artwork is unique and each piece is slightly different , exceptional quality, each piece is construsted with the highest craftmanship.