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Textured Art- Harmony Aqua Blue Bronze

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Inspriring metallic metal wall art for your home

Harmony metal wall art

Bring harmonious beauty to your walls with this metallic wall art sculpture. Harmony is a design featuring various circles and overlapping moons joined together to create an eye-catching 3-dimensional piece of art.

Featuring stainless steel and other metallic textures in beautiful silver and blue hues, this piece will enhance any space it graces.

Crafted specifically for the nature enthusiast, classic decor collector, or modern art admirer, Harmony is sure to add a unique touch your home. Customize this piece by requesting additional colours for no added cost; we can match your desired colour codes or pick from our range!

This stunning display measures 3ft x 2ft but We can also do custom sizes to fit your space if required.

Aqua Blue,Bronze,Copper

Size 3ft x 2ft

Created with metallic textures ,natural tones, Incorporates shiny polished Stainless Steel.

Custom art

Let us create this design in your colour scheme at no additional cost.

We can match to your colour codes or choose from our range.

The artwork takes 14 working days to create.

You will recieve images before we put the final coat of coating on just so you can approve.

We are so confident you will like our work and appreciate its hard to see the quality on the web

so we offer a full money back guarentee.

Also available in Natural toned bronze Copper or Pale Blue.

See image below.