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Teal gold art-Golden sky

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Creating a Beautiful Space with Teal and Gold Art Piece.

The Golden Sky decorative Teal and Gold,Copper wall panel is a stunning piece of art that brings a modern and chic look to any space.

The panel features a combination of silver, copper, teal, and gold textures that create an elegant ripple effect when light reflects on it. Made from high-quality aluminum, it is durable and long-lasting.

Features: - Silver aluminum reflective ripple effect with teal, copper, and gold textures - Durable aluminum construction - Lightweight for easy installation - Unique design creates a stunning feature wall.

Benefits: - Adds a touch of sophistication to any room - Easy to install and maintain - A cost-effective alternative to traditional art pieces or expensive wall treatments - Creates an eye-catching focal point in any home or office space.

Size -130 x 35cm

Aluminium 3mm thick panel fits flush to the wall - the metallic middle panel has a depth 5cm from the aluminium panel.

Small holes either side of panel we provide chrome mirror screw covers.