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Swirl Wall Art

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Create the Look with these Exclusive wall art sculpture.

Miminalistic decor

Swirl is a beautiful 3-dimensional metal wall art sculpture made from two S-shapes welded together.

The sinuous curves of the sculptures creates a captivating movement and make this piece a perfect choice for adding a unique visual accent to any room.

Choose from plain glossy colour, two tone or natural silver for the perfect finish in any home, our swirly art is perfect for any space! Let your imagination run wild as you try to find different shapes within this clever design , Swirl will always draw the eye towards it.

Features: - Made from metal - 3 dimensionally welded together - Lots of available colours and finishes.

Benefits: - Unique and eye catching design. - Very durable and long lasting. - Adds depth, texture and colour to your walls creating a spectacular focal point in any room.

Swirl Size 100 X 45CM

This is unique piece of metal wall art, made to order in 14 working days.

Small circles are welded on for easy hanging.

Each piece of metal wall art will be slightly unique.

Range of Colour or Let us create you the perfect piece of Art at no additional cost.


We can change the material fo Stainless Steel which is suitable as a bathroom art, wet room.

Please contact us.

Add a two tone colour effect or flecks of Silver,Gold or Copper leaf. White, Silver,Teal, Auberine Blue, Rust Brown Bronze. Three dimensional Art -6cm Depth from the wall.

Please contact us, we will be happy to help design your perfect piece of wall art-sculpture. Also available in a larger design 170 x 65cm visit the shop to see other listings.

Also Available in a large size see image below.