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sun wall art

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The Perfect Sun Wall Art for Your Home Decor

Sun metal wall art is the perfect piece to add warmth and style to your home. Handcrafted with Gold and Copper metallic tones, this statement wall art piece measures 70cm and comes in a three dimensional 8cm design, which is created with three distinct layers that are welded together. This beautiful artisanal metalwork makes a gorgeous statement and adds a touch of sparkle to any room.

Features: - Handcrafted by skilled artisans - Unique metalwork with gold and copper metallic tones - Three dimensional 8 cm design created from three layered pieces which are welded together Benefits: - Add instant warmth and sophistication to any space - Beautifully crafted from highly durable materials - Create an interesting conversation point for guests.

Size 70cm diameter.

Keyhole bracket welded to the rear for easy hanging.

Material Steel

Weight 5kg

Indoor only due to Steel and added metallics, we also create a design in Stainless Steel which is suitable for outdoor

Please visit our outdoor section.

Option to have the design made larger- Please contact us.

Create custom artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Choose any design and we will create it in your desired colour scheme at no extra cost! We take 14 working days to create art works, and will send you images when the design is finished. Before applying a protective coating, we make sure that you are totally happy with how your artwork looks.