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Sculpture Female Form

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Female Form

Female Torso metal sculpture Bronze and Silver.

Explore the beauty of contemporary art with our exquisite modern sculpture of the female torso. This stunning piece seamlessly blends classical elegance with a bold, contemporary twist. Elevate your space with this captivating sculpture that celebrates the essence of femininity in a uniquely modern way. Discover the perfect balance of tradition and innovation in this striking work of art."


Steel wirth Bronze ,Copper patina, incorporates Stainless Steel polished circles.

Size 4ft including stand .

Wall sculpture has small circles for easy hanging.

Floor sculpture mounded onto a matt black base. 40cm x 15cm

We can make a custom base- Please contact us.

This modern sculpture is a captivating rendition of the female form torso. Meticulously crafted from an intricate arrangement of small circles, this unique piece is a testament to the marriage of elegance and modern minimalism.

The fusion of Bronze,copper and stainless steel lends a sleek and contemporary touch, making it a statement art piece for any space.

Versatile in design, this sculpture can be showcased as a striking wall-mounted artwork or displayed on a black flat stand for an impactful floor or tabletop presentation.

The interplay of materials and the thoughtful use of negative space create a visually arresting composition that will undoubtedly spark conversation and admiration.

Elevate your living or work space with this extraordinary handcrafted sculpture that seamlessly blends artistry with modern aesthetics."