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multicoloured large wall art

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A huge colourful artwork ,spectacular metal wall art for the walls.

Welcome a sense of beauty and sophistication to your home.

This colourful wall art brings together 10 rings of silver metal with cascading multicoloured bright circles welded to them.

Using different textured pieces including silver spheres and three dimensional circles, this unique piece is sure to capture attention and add the perfect touch of personality to any wall.

Features: - Multicoloured circles made from bright welding pieces - 10 Rings of silver metal for stability - Unique textured pieces like 3D circles and silver spheres

Benefits: - Adds a sense of beauty and sophistication to any room. - Individual, unique design captures attention and adds personality to your walls. - Sturdy yet lightweight build makes it easy to hang and move around your space if needed.

This beautiful unique metal artwork incorporates Stainless steel Spheres ,reflective hues, textures, a really WOW piece of reflective metallic artwork that will surely make a statement in any modern living space.


Not available in the hight street , all of our artwork is exculsive, hand-crated to the highest quality.

Have this design in your colour scheme at no extra cost, send us your samples or colour codes, we can put a colour palette together for you.

Size 1400 x 600mm.

The design is created in 2 seperate sections that fit next to each other to create a vey large 1400 x 600mm design.

Small circle brackets are welded to the rear for easy hanging.

For Blue please see bottom page.