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Metal wall art Sea of Flames

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Metal Wall Art -Unique Designs

Add a touch of vibrancy and fiery passion to your living space with the Sea of Flames artwork metal wall art

The set features 3 stunning pictures on a reflective aluminum panel, each offset by 3cm and painted in red bronze copper metallic textures, creating an entrancing visual effect that changes as you move around it. At 120cm x 40 cm in size, it's sure to make a bold statement on any wall.

Features: - Reflective aluminum panel for added depth and interest - Set of 3 pictures creates a cohesive and impactful display - Painted in striking red bronze copper metallic textures.

Benefits: - Elevate the decor of any room in your home with this unique and captivating metal wall art - Make a bold, stylish statement that reflects your personal taste and passion for art - Enjoy the entrancing visual effect created by the reflective panel and metallic textures

Size 120cm x 40cm

Aluminium reflective panel -small holes either side to fit flush to the wall-chrome screw covers provided.

Pictures are offset 3cm.