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metal wall art red

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Red Metal Wall Art – An Eye-catching Addition To Any Room.

Tranquil Ped Pepper

Transform any room in your home with Tranquil, our stunning floating Red ,Silver wall art.

This piece features a textured metal design that resembles pebbles by the sea. The reflective nature of the metal is designed to show movement and light, includes a stunning textured wave.

This wall art is perfect for any modern home as it creates an eye-catching feature without adding too much colour and also brings a feeling of tranquility and calmness to your space.

Features: - Handcrafted from lightweight but durable materials - Textured metal finish for a unique metallic look - Reflective nature captures all lights, creating movement - Comes in two sizes so it can be adapted to any space Benefits: - Adds an eye-catching touch to your decor, making your walls seem more alive - Creates an atmosphere of calm and peace, perfect for escaping from everyday life - Durable construction ensures this artwork will last a lifetime.

Size 150 x 40cm Stands 3.8cm off the wall.

UK Only Delivery due to the size.

UK Delivery Only