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Metal wall art-Mobius

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Metal art for Walls

Mobius is a three-dimensional metal wall art sculpture that adheres to laws of Greek geometry.

A Mobius strip is formed from a single strip of metal which has been twisted it's top and bottom surfaces making it go on forever.

Mobius metal wall art is a visually stunning design crafted in twisted metal strips that are welded together to form an elegant wall sculpture

The sculpture is then finished with a chrome or metallic silver coating, making it look polished and modern.

This unique artwork is eye-catching and avant-garde, perfect for adding an industrial edge to any interior. It pays homage to the mathematical Mobius Strip which symbolises never-ending cycles of life and completeness.

Features: - Unique mobius strip design - Crafted from twisted metal strips - Welded together for structural stability - Finished with a chrome or metallic silver coating Benefits: - Adds an aesthetically pleasing industrial edge to any interior - Symbolises never ending life cycles & completeness - Handcrafted from high quality materials for robust durability - Compact size provides easy installation

Colour can be added to the design.

Available In a choice of finishes Chrome finish or sparkle metallic Silver .

Also available in Gold

Please state on order at checkout.

The metal wall sculpture depth is approx 17cm which makes this design so effective, and would ideally suit a feature wall.

If you have a really large space more sections can be welded onto the design ,please send us your requirements.

Available in 3 colours and sizes.

small circles are welded to the rear for easy hanging.

Or have this design created any colour choice at no additional cost