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metal wall art Blue Bronze

Product no.: 202018

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Add a modern and edgy touch to your space with our three dimensional urban sculpture wall art.

Stunning metal wall abstract.

This stylish urban metal wall art piece are the perfect addition to your contemporary home decor.

Each piece is completely unique, featuring lots of rectangles welded together in a stack and 3D form onto a frame.

Available in a variety of colour combinations, each shape offers different textures and hues, allowing you a huge range of design opportunities for your wall art.

Whether you want something funky and edgy, or modern and minimalistic, this is the perfect way to add personality to any room!

Features: - Unique design combining rectangular shapes with different textures and colours - Made from high quality metals with a beautiful finish - Wide variety of colour options to suit any style.

Benefits: - Creates visual impact - instantly upgrade any space with this striking wall art - Easy to install - mount directly to the wall using included fixing screws - Durable materials - high quality metals are built to last

Size 100cm x 40cm

Weight 6kg

Small circles welded to the rear for easy hanging.

Lots of different textures have been added to make this design a truly unique wall sculpture.

Colours available.please see drop down menu.

Teal Gold.

Black Silver.

Deep rustic Red Bronze.

Option to have this metal wall art in custom size -the image with the Teal sofa was 130cm x 40cm.

Let us create you the perfect piece of art.

Create custom artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind. Choose any design and we will create it in your desired colour scheme at no extra cost! We take 14 working days to create artworks, and will send you images when the design is finished. Before applying a protective coating, we make sure that you are totally happy with how your artwork looks.