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Metal wall art Blue

Product no.: 202011

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Amazing Unique Metal Wall Sculpture.

Metallic wall art

Crafted from stainless steel, the revolve wall sculpture is an impressive statement piece for any room.

The combination of its five varying sizes and beautiful blue hues creates a mesmerizing ambience. Its polished silver mirror finish gleams with a charming radiance that will capture attention instantly with its unique texture. With the added circles welded onto the frame, it forms an eye-catching yet elegant sight that's sure to add some extra flair to your living space.

Features: - Crafted from Stainless Steel and Steel- 5 Different Sized Silver Ring Frame with Added Circles Welded On Painted in an Array of Blue Hues Textures - Includes Silver Raised Wiggles Metallics - Polished Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Base.

Benefits: - Bring life to your walls with this stunning piece of art which provides a mesmerizing visual display. - The stainless steel construction allows for durability and strength whilst also providing an attractive look and feel. - The contrasting colors will effortlessly blend into any type décor creating a truly eye catching feature in your home or office space.

Textured polished stainless steel circles rings welded onto a circular frame three dimensional unique wall art.
This is a very modern piece and does not look like anything else you would see in a store.
This contemporary sculpture art might go well with other things in your decor and create a very eye-catching focal point in any modern room.

Size 93cm x 60cm.

Incorporates Stainless Steel spheres, metallic textures.

Colours Teal,Blue and Silver.

Available in any colour palette at no additional cost.

We have a extensive database of this design created for customers in different colours,Please contact us we would be happy to discuss options.