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The Tango handcrafted metal wall sculpture is a masterpiece that will add a unique touch to any room.

The sculpture features overlapping circles and irregular shapes expertly welded onto a thick black wire frame, which is then painted in rustic red, orange, gold, and silver stainless steel.

Each element of the sculpture is meticulously crafted, with raised detailing and a textured paint effect that creates an illusion of depth and movement.

The use of gold leaf and metallics in this piece adds an extra element of elegance and sophistication. Whether hung portrait or landscape, the Tango sculpture offers flexibility in design orientation, making it easy for you to find the perfect spot for it. With small circles on the rear for hanging, it's easy to mount on your wall.

Customizable in size to fit your space perfectly; we can create any size you need in this stunning design.

With its striking colours and intricate details, the Tango sculpture is guaranteed to make an impressive statement wherever it's placed. It is ideal for adding texture and visual interest to a variety of spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms. Investing in this piece guarantees lasting quality investment since only high-quality materials are used during production. Overall purchase satisfaction is assured because you can customize its size according to your needs without compromising its beauty.

Size Size 3ft x 2ft Depth 5cm.

Small circles are welded to the rear for easy hanging.