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large wall art Electric Dream

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Wall art uk metal

Abstract wall art metal

Electric DreamThis huge stunning original large abstract artwork will surround your room with amazing vibrant colour,picasso inspired style.It will brighten up any living area,add texture and stunning complimentary tones to your decor.

Electric Dream is a captivating and mesmerizing abstract metal wall art. Created with mixed media on metal, the artwork has an electric energy that comes alive with its vibrant colors and textured mediums.

It’s a one of a kind, large-scale statement piece that will draw attention to any wall in your home or office space.

The wall art is available in two sizes – 170 cm x 68 cm (two sections fit together) and 120 cm x 51 cm - allowing you to choose the best size for your space.

With it’s bold and vibrant colors, Electric Dream is perfect for drawing attention to any room in any setting.

Features: - Hand painted piece on metal - Mixed media technique using various paints, textures and pigments to create depth and unique colour - Available in two sizes 170cm x 68cm (two sections fit together) or 120cm x 51cm Benefits: - Captivates viewers with its vibrant colors, electric energy, and captivating movement - Unique art piece sure to draw attention anywhere it is displayed - Making a bold statement while fitting into different sized living spaces

Available size.

Size 170cm x 68cm- created in 2 sections that fit together.

Size 120cm x 51cm.

Display portrait or landscape.

Small circles are welded onto the artwork for easy hanging

Let's Create you the perfect metal wall sculpture art.

Simply choose from our colour chart and we will create your perfect piece of Art
at no additional cost.
We will send a image of the finished design for you to approve before we add the final coat of lacquer.

All of our metal artwork is made to order and takes 14 working days to create.

We have been creating custom metal artwork, sculptures for our customers for 15 years and have a extensive database of designs in custom colours.

Please read our feedback and view our gallery where you will discover examples.

Options to have this piece mounted onto a large panel - Please contact us.

Also available in a array of Green,Mustard, Gold leaf textures see image below.