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large metal wall art-Chromatic Circles Cascade

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Introducing our "Chromatic Circles Cascade" Metal Wall Art

A mesmerizing blend of circles, moons, and spirals that redefine your interior decor.

This unique piece is designed to captivate with its artistic complexity and vivid colors, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of modern elegance.

Available in three distinct sizes, "Chromatic Circles Cascade" allows you to select the ideal fit for your space, ensuring that it complements your interior perfectly. Its 3-dimensional design adds depth and intrigue to your walls, creating a dynamic and visually engaging focal point. Some shapes overlap and stand out, adding a captivating layer of depth and texture.

This artwork is particularly well-suited for minimalist decor, as it effortlessly marries bold artistic expression with a clean, uncluttered look. "Chromatic Circles Cascade" is more than just a wall decoration – it's a statement piece that exudes creativity and personality.

Available in 3 sizes.( see image)

122cm x 53cm

144 x 64cm

172 x 77cm