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Fish metal wall art

Introducing the Blue Aqua Fish Wall Art - a unique, handcrafted wall art featuring a school of vibrant blue and aqua fishes.

Each fish is individually designed with its own individual style, scales and fins.

They have been crafted from high-grade stainless steel to create a bright and bold 3D piece that can be hung both indoors or outdoors. Perfect for transforming any living space or outdoor area – stunning blue light reflects off the finish creating remarkable vibrancy and life.

Features: - Handcrafted unique fish design - Variety of styles with individual shapes - Made from high grade stainless steel - Can be hung indoors or outdoors in any weather Benefits: - Transforms your home into an elegant oasis of beauty & vibrancy - Individually designed 3D pieces add dimension — catches the eye of guests! - Durable material resists all weather elements – displays artwork year round.

Size main design - 3 additional fish are included to place around the design seperately,have fun designing your perfect unique art.

L 88 x H 30cm

L 115 x H 53cm

L125 x H 58cm

( International, USA customers we create this size design in 2 halves due to shipping cost)

Small holes either side of the design for easy hanging chrome mirror screw covers provided.