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circles metal wall art-Carnival

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Discover bold and contemporary wall art designs featuring geometric circles!

Add a standout feature to any room with these beautiful metal pieces.

Celeste Carnival is a unique statement piece with two waves protruding out, one reflective silver and the other Purple.

Fluid paint effect created stunning Orange with a hint of purple ,every design will be slightly different added gold accents.

Its large round frame of 70cm diameter and 2cm depth creates a stunning effect that will truly be noticed in any room.

This one of a kind piece will add character to your wall, making it a perfect addition for those looking for something special! Features: - 70 cm diameter - 2 cm depth - Burnt orange and purple gold accents - Reflective silver wave pattern Benefits: - Adds character to the wall - Unique statement piece - Easy to hang.

Size 70cm diameter, Depth 2cm, keyhole brackets are welded tot eh rear

Material Aluminium weight 4.5kg

Also available in three other stunning designs -Please see below.