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Blue wall art

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Modern coastal Artwork.

Wall Decor with Stylish Ammonite Metal Wall Art.

Ammonite metal wall art is an exquisite stainless steel and blue metal sculpture evoking a riparian sea creature.

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and finished with vivid colours and textured patterns for an incredibly striking effect in any setting. The iridescently rippled surface catches the light, creating reflections worthy of the ocean depths. Vivid color palette & wavy texture throughout.

Ammonite captures the essence of ocean life, bringing a feel of movement and life to wherever it's displayed.

High quality craftsmanship ensures it will be a treasured décor item for years to come. - Its eye catching shape and reflective surfaces are sure to become a conversation piece, adding beauty and interest your space!

Uniquely handcrafted nautical wall art made from rustproof stainless steel in beautiful green, aqua and blue colours.

Highly reflective, adding sparkle and character to your indoor or outdoor space. The perfect feature for a nautical or coastal inspired home or garden.

Features: - Handcrafted from rustproof stainless steel - Brightly coloured in green, aqua and blue - Highly reflective of artificial light - Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces Benefits: - Easy to install with screws in existing fixtures - Durable stainless steel will not corrode over time - Makes an eye catching statement piece for your home or garden - Adds a nautical charm to any interior and exterior setting

The metal wall art is finshed in a array of Blue hues,textured detail make this piece very unique, a stunning piece.


Size 28" Diameter

Bespoke sizes available.