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Black and Silver artwork Orbit Sculpture

Product no.: 202016

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Black and Silver Interior metal wall art.

Silver Black artwork

Orbit is the perfect sculptural wall art and centrepiece to take any interior space to the next level.

Handpainted with stunning Black Silver textures, this unique design comes with a circular frame welded together with ovals and circles, and set in a shiny oval centre sphere which will add an extra layer of sophistication.

Not available on the highstreet!

Features: - Circular frame welded with ovals & circles - Shiny oval centre sphere - Hand painted in choice of colour & silver paint effects - Unique one off design

Benefits: - Impressive statement sculpture for your home or office - Eye catching piece adds to the atmosphere of your space - Makes a conversation point amongst guests - A modern affordable alternative to traditional wall art

Size 1135mm x 454mm

keyhole brackets are welded to the back of each section.

Painted- Black Silver artwork and incorporates Stainless Steel Mirror finish ,Textures ,reflective finishes Stainless Spheres.

Can be made in any size and colour

Available in a variety of colour combinations please see other listings.