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Metal Wall Sculpture ,Unique Designs,Commissions,Stylish,Contemporary,Handcrafted in the UK.


Choose your colour scheme at no extra cost.     .

We can also create a unique piece of contemporary metal artwork for you, most of the designs can be made in any size, colour scheme or we can match for you to samples- curtain fabrics,wallpaper,paint codes.

Most of the sculptures can also be made out of 316 Stainless Steel which is suitable for outdoors.

All of the Wall Sculptures are made to order and take 14 working days.

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Metal Wall Abstract Link

Product no.: 202049



Blue Artwork Serenity

Product no.: 202052



Multi coloured wall art

Product no.: 202057



Metal wall art Blue link

Product no.: 202056



living room design art

Product no.: 202058



large wall art uk

Product no.: 202061



Metal wall art Harmony Lime Green

Product no.: 202060





Metal wall art-Serenity

Product no.: 202062



metal wall art planets

Product no.: 202063



Modern wall sculpture Inseparable 2

Product no.: 202064






large wall art Bespoke Artwork Bronze Cluster

Product no.: 202065




Metal Wall Art-Galaxy

Product no.: 164.

Distintive sculpture designs to enhance any space, handcrafted artwork made in the UK

Size W 90cm x L 63cm D 5cm.


Metal wall art Sunburst

Product no.: 202067



Metal wall art Throw down the gauntlet

Product no.: 202069





Metal wall art Spiral Galaxy

Product no.: 1081

Create a deep thoughtful surreal visual illusion with this wall sculpture.


Sculpture Infinite

Product no.: 1076

A stunning 3D Stainless Steel sculpture.

bespoke sizes available.



New Metal sculpture Cluster

Product no.: 1080

Exceptional quality metal sculpture all pieces are handcrafted and unique.


can be shipped within 14 days

Silver wall design

Product no.: 10266

Chrome Flowers

Product no.: 32669

Hand-crafted  Flowers.


61 - 79 of 79 results