Seahorse wall sculpture- Stainless Steel

Product no.: 505

Beautiful seahorse wall sculpture finished in Stainless Steel.



The seahorse wall sculpture is suitable for outdoors and bathroom .pool areas.

Inspired by my love of the sea these mystical creatures just fascinate me .the earliest known seahorse fossils date back to 13 million years ago, wow!!

Seahorses may court for several days,during this time they may change colour,swim side by side holding their tails or grip the same strand of seagrass with their tails,and wheel aound in unison in what is known as a ' predawn dance' they eventually engage in a true courtship dance lasting 8 hours. 

The male also has the babies, but she manages to visit him daily for a 'morning greeting' how about that lady's,

Overall design size including wire  900mm x 350mm




seahorse-metal seahorse-art  



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