Our Story -The Sculpture Room

Our Story


The Sculpture Room is a family run business which was established in 2007 by myself Artist Sharon Dawkins and my partner of 28 years, Phil.

It all started from his welding and fabrication business, what seems like yesterday but now 10 years ago.

Phil had a small room on the side of his welding business unit, hence I called it "The Sculpture Room".

I found myself in a playground of materials which has developed into the sculptures we create today.

Phil and I as of now work on just the sculptures and live in the beautiful Bidford on Avon area, we have 2 children Kim 26 and Jamie 25.



Jamie is a trained joiner and also makes the beautiful wood sculptures, he is following his Mum and Dad. 



We all work together,and so far survived ,"yes I know" a few tantrums along the way,actually we do all get on extremely well as a working family,I think its because we each enjoy our own part, then it all seems to come together with the finished product ,also we are all so very passionate about Art and design.
My job is mainly dealing with customers answering enquirys ,quotations / cad design process,marketing,website design,photography,washing, ironing,cooking but the best bit "the painting".
Phil is a little more reserved/ shy,but really the true talent with his fabrication/ welding skills,and he's a perfectionist,I am still very much his apprentice in the welding field "well he likes to call me that" I mainly hold the metal together,set my drawings alight and end up with the bright red face from the UV, also I get told off allot for not concentrating - I'm not saying I don't enjoy the welding process or enjoy getting involved, I would really love to weld but unfortunately failed,I am just impatient because I am excited about the next stage- the painting and finishing.
The part I absolutely love is the making the plain piece of metal come alive,the finishing off ,experimenting with colour and paints,-especially creating new designs and matching customer colour schemes.
The Design boards I receive from interior designers are amazing, to see what they have created and then for me to make something to fit into their scheme, It's so exciting.
The reward is when I receive the lovely feedback and photos from customers.
They always look so nice when I see them in situ.
My other passion hobby is discovering everything about our wonderful planet Earth, evolution and the Universe, and what it is to be human and I think I have reflected this into some of this into some of my designs.
I also love photography especially the landscape and the sea,I enjoy painting in oil,acrylic and working with clay when I have any spare time, but above all spending time with my beautiful family.
 shoal-of-fish-blue-art   P1090162  
Our journey together has taken us all over the UK,we have sold allot of our work worldwide which is truly amazing,hotels,schools,cafes,we have sold to celebrities ,resturants 'sometimes free meals are involved' such a plus.
We have met some amazing people, made allot of unusual art out of metal,Sikh signs,Arabic signs,Giant teacups,Iron Bridge,well a smaller version,a huge musical song,a carbohydrate molecule," dont ask" we once worked through the night, "a lesson learned is never fogotten",Phil fell asleep on our office wood floor and I thought he was dead.
We have visited some amazing properties which have blown us away.
Phil has installed on a glass roof,carried sculptures on planks of wood over pools,we have visited many building sites, he's delivered really large heavy commissions,I've sculpted his head out of clay, measured his nose with calipers then squashed him when he wouldn't sit still and got angry,It has been some amazing journey for all of us and we are really fortunate to be doing something we all love.
we have also got lost allot, which my daughter can never understand with sat nav technology .


Here we are somewhere lost London way, found a  mexican resturant with a premier Inn next door ,perfect!!



metal-tree-design  P1090451

Phil hiding again


Below our new addition to the family Little Leo Bernard. Jamie's son.

Already started trainning , his first abstract in Blue and Lime.


Thankyou for visiting our page.
We are yet to get around to social media and the famous "facebook",you tube" which everyone nags us to get on, to be honest we are so very busy making the sculptures, also being a new Nanny and Grandpa which is so exciting and takes up more of our time, but I am taking lots of pictures which I shall be adding shortly,especially the fabrication process/ painting and also the funny ones, and maybe I will start to blog.


"Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind".

Magdalena Abakanowicz




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