Freestanding Sculptures

Freestanding Sculptures


         We are currently working on new freestanding sculpture's for 2016 which we will be adding shortly .we will also be adding a new garden sculpture section in the spring.


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Product no.: 3000

Modern table sculpture.




can be shipped within 14 days

Large table sculpture

Product no.: 974


can be shipped within 14 working days

Sculpture Melodius Silver

Product no.: 3005

Silver sculpture Melodius,also available in Red and Silver.


Table top sculpture

Product no.: 999


can be shipped within 14 working days

Sculpture Fusion

Product no.: 3001

An Impressive freestanding sculpture.


can be shipped within 14 days

Sculpture Yin

Product no.: 3002

A sensational captivating modern sculpture.


Sculpture Yin

Product no.: 3004

A striking sculpture that would make a statement in any modern decor.

Choose you own colours.


Abstract sculpture- Melodius

Product no.: 3006

Freestanding sculpture finished in Bronze,Melodius- Melody of life 


Stainless Steel sculpture Momentum.

Product no.: 3007

Momentum Metal freestanding Stainless Steel Sculpture.


Tabletop sculpture Angelfish

Product no.: 500

Table-top sculpture finished in polished Stainless Steel.




can be shipped within 14 days

Angelfish Sculpture mounted on Driftwood

Product no.: 504

Fish sculpture mounted on Driftwood.


can be shipped within 14 days

Large Indoor sculpture Swirl 2

Product no.: 3010

Large Outdoor Sculpture

 Swirl 6ft



Large outdoor Indoor sculpture Entwine

Product no.: 638

Large indoor outdoor Stainless Steel sculpture.



can be shipped within 21 days

Sculpture Female Form

Product no.: 888

Beautiful Female torso sculpture Stainless steel also suitable for outdoors finished in Bronze and Silver.

The design can be mounted on a stand  for a stunning table top sculpture or the wall.




Bronze sculpture Allure

Product no.: 66588

Large sculpture



Garden Tree sculpture Stainless Steel

Product no.: 2017006

Large Outdoor Sculpture 

This design was inspired by my love of the garden, I wanted to incorporate rich rust organic colour along with shinny textured Stainless Steel which catches the light beautifully.

The design is handcrafted, signed and dated.


can be shipped within 21 days

Large Ourdoor sculpture Momentum 2

Product no.: 3008

Indoor-outdoor showpiece sculpture.

can be made in any colour scheme.



Outdoor sculpture

Product no.: 112355